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Renting a Vacation Villa in Florida

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Villa rentals are increasingly popular as family accommodation during a visit to the world’s number one vacation destination; Florida! And this is no surprise. It’s like a home away from home. Florida villas (as opposed to condos) are normal family homes with 3, 4 or more bedrooms. They usually include a kitchen, a pool, a family room and separate dining area. A garage, laundry and other facilities are also included.

The benefits of a Florida villa rental are huge. Normally, Florida Villa Rentals are priced at the same or much less than a Disney Resort room! That said, they are often so close to Disney that you can see the nightly fireworks from the pool deck! They certainly have much more space than the average resort hotel room! That’s space that allows a family to spread out and have their own personal space. Much more than that, a Florida villa rental has its own pool to enjoy in private!

Another benefit of Florida villa rental is that there is a fully equipped kitchen available. Special meals for babies and young kids can easily be prepared; drinks can be chilled in the refrigerator. From these seemingly small advantages, it is possible to make big savings, since food and drinks in parks are really expensive. A drink in a park is sometimes over $2.50. With 4 people drinking only 4 drinks a day, you could save $280 in a week when you have the facilities of a villa rental.

Furthermore, a great benefit of renting a villa in Florida is the free internet access that often is thrown in. Guests can keep in touch with the office if necessary without the extra costs. Hotels often charge $10 or more per day for access.

There a number of things to look out for when choosing a Florida villa rental.
First of all, look out for someone that deals only with private villa owners who do not rent to wholesalers. Many villas are rented through management agencies to large holiday companies from all over the world. These companies pay low rates to the villa owners (but charge high rates to clients). This means that the villas get heavy traffic without the income to maintain them to a good standard.

Secondly, always ask villa owners when their photos were last updated. Often they have never been updated since the villa was new! This will help ensure that what you see is what you get! Note that a brand new villa is not automatically the best choice. More established neighborhoods are friendlier and mature. They often have great features that you would have to spend much more for in a new resort.

Then, take careful note also of the bed layout! Don’t just choose by the number of bedrooms! A bigger villa is not necessarily more expensive. Some villa owners will allow small parties to occupy the villa and offer a reduced price to reflect the smaller number of rooms used! This means you can enjoy even more luxury in your Florida villa rental for less.

And last but not least, don’t forget to ask if the rental owner can offer reduced price tickets for the attractions. Many private Florida vacation rental villa owners do also special incentives like delivery of tickets to your villa after you arrive.