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Get Started Planning Your Hawaii Vacation

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Hawaii is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations around. If you’re dreaming of a Hawaii vacation or already starting to plan one you’ll need to do your research to find out all of the available options for fun in the sun. There are a variety of Hawaii vacations available to suit the needs of everyone’s style, budget and preferences, and length of stay in the beautiful island state. When going on a Hawaii vacation many tourists choose vacations focused on the beach. After all, Hawaii boasts its stunning, white-sand beaches. The island of Maui alone has 80 beautiful beaches along 120 miles of coastline while Oahu has 130 beaches. Whether you want to relax in the sand soaking up some sun, swim, or even go snorkeling, Hawaii offers many opportunities for underwater and above-water activities.

Snorkeling is one of the must-do activities on any Hawaii vacation. Hawaiian snorkeling is great for swimmers of any level and gives you a glorious fish’s-eye view of the numerous unique, colorful fish and exotic underwater sea life. Rental shops on the beaches have snorkeling equipment available for a small fee per day, while many resorts offer equipment free of charge.

There are a variety of other fun Hawaii vacation activities to choose from after you are done snorkeling. As you plan your days in paradise you will want to plan ahead and decide which sound most appealing to you. Other water activities include surfing, parasailing, and sailing. Many tourists surf for their very first time off the coast of one of Hawaii’s beaches. Skilled surfers often come back to Hawaii time after time to catch some of the world’s best waves and highest surfs.

For a taste of culture on your Hawaii vacation there are some marvelous places you won’t want to miss. Learn about Hawaii’s history at the Polynesian Culture Center or experience some American history at Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. You won’t want to miss a traditional Hawaiian luau complete with Hawaiian food, music, and dancing.

Tourist Attractions in Phoenix Arizona

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. It is also know as the “Sun Valley”. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. It is also know as the “Sun Valley”. It
receives beautiful sun shine round the year. It is one of the largest populated cities of US. Here are the top tourist attractions for Phoenix.

Arizona Science Center

With over 35 interactive exhibits, the Arizona Science Center provides an eye opening experience for all enquiring minds no matter how old they are. There is also a giant screen theater and a computerized planetarium offering great visual and educational films and experiences.

Desert Botanical Garden

With hundreds of different plants on display, you will be amazed at just how many different species of cactus there are as well as the multitude of displays that they create completely naturally. The Desert Botanical Garden is particularly impressive in the spring when the flowers are in bloom but you will find a wide range of events are arranged throughout the year for art and glass, cuisine, music and dancing.

Heard Museum

Bequeathed and initially funded by the Heard family, the Heard Museum focuses on the art and cultural history of the Native American people, and particularly the Indians of the Southwest. World renowned for the collection of the art of the Indian people, you will find basketwork, jewelry, textiles and a very large collection of Kachina dolls scattered throughout the numerous exhibition halls including ten outdoors.

Heritage Square

The focus of Heritage Square is the Rosson House together with seven other homes lovingly and painstakingly restored to their original state in the late 1800’s. In addition to a large number of exhibits showing Phoenix’s origins you will also find ample opportunity for eating, shopping and educational activities.

Pueblo Grande Museum

Discover the ruins of the original settles of the Valley of the Sun and the Hohokam Indians who carved the first canals and pathways across the land, many of which were followed by the white settlers in the late 1800’s. You will find in the museum the actual ruins of the 12th Century Hohokam settlement along with the remains of the original irrigation canals made to bring the Valley to life from the desert.

South Mountain Park

Phoenix is a city of firsts and no less than with South Mountain Park which is the world’s largest city park and a focus of activities for the whole area. You will find within the 15,000 acres of desert and arid country miles of trails for hiking, riding and mountain biking as well as many other activities catered for including rock climbing.