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Iowa Criminal Records

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Apart from the web sites of state governments and other state authorities that include the different departments of corrections across different states, another very good source of information on criminal records are the courts. This is because apart from the general information about a person’s criminal record, the courts can also provide more extensive information surrounding the conviction. In addition tot his, courts can also provide helpful information on ongoing cases, which can be very helpful for firms and individuals who want to make sure that the people they are dealing with have no cases filed against them. In the state of Iowa, this is also very true, as the courts of the state also provide extensive information on the cases and convictions that has happened within the state.

In 2002, the judiciary in Iowa started to offer information on criminal, civil, probate, and traffic courts across all courts in the state to the public. One of the best sources of such information is the web site of the judiciary that provides online docket records. The information that people can access from this web site covers the period from 1997 to the present, however, the judiciary is in the process of uploading information on cases before 1997. The information given by this database include the index of all the proceedings and filings in all the court cases tries in Iowa courts that are maintained by the clerk of court.

Usually, the case information that is provided contains information on the filings, the criminal charges, the status of the case, child support payments, and fine payments. Given that these pieces of information are very broad information, the courts usually do not charge the people who request for them. However, if people are interested in getting more specific and extensive information, the courts usually charge a $25 monthly registration fee for the information, which can contain very specific information like the schedules of the trial.

As with other states, the courts in Iowa also provide a good source of information on the criminal records of individuals who have been tried and convicted in the state. This is because like the courts in other states, the Iowa judiciary can provide extensive and very specific information not only on past cases, but on current cases as well, which allows individuals and firms to conduct a complete and reliable criminal record search.