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3 Reasons For Investing In Florida

1/ Florida is an Established Real Estate Market

The recent downturn of the US real estate market has created a unique position for investors, featuring some of the lowest property prices seen in years. These bargains have created an established market where the cost of housing is mirroring some emerging markets.

Additional security to buyers from an established market is the highly developed purchasing processes and availability of financing opportunities. Despite the tightening of lending criteria for real estate financing, mortgage availability in Florida is often more readily available and easy to obtain compared with other US states.

Taxation advantages also abound in the state of Florida, where benefits are geared towards investors providing housing opportunities to the high demand from the local population.

2/ Florida has a Strong Economy

The strength of the local economy provides additional stability for Florida, where the local economy is considered to be one of the most advanced in the entire country. The diversity of the economic activities across the state extends well beyond the tourism sector, with transportation, construction, education, healthcare and business facilities producing excellent overall results with economic growth.

Political stability combined with lifestyle advantages draw many highly educated professionals to Florida. The professional workforce assists to continuously improve the service sectors, creating strength in the local economy to weather financial storms that are strongly affecting other areas of the country.

While the dollar currency may have lost considerable strength against others such as the Euro or Sterling, this situation generates added appeal to foreign investors entering the market. Along with the availability of many genuine bargains following the real estate downturn, the weakened position of the US currency creates additional attractions to foreign investors.

3/ Florida Features Excellent Buy-to-Let Opportunities

Investors are keen to take advantage of the excellent buy-to-let opportunities in Florida, enabling the additional benefit of having a holiday home in one of the worlds most sought after destinations. The attraction of the Disneyland brand has greatly assisted in the appeal of Florida to holiday makers, which can be seen clearly from statistics by the World Tourism Organisation.

The WTO states that Disney attractions account for 4 of the top 10 most visited in the world. Many of the world’s most famous cultural attractions such as the Egyptian pyramids or India’s Taj Mahal barely squeeze into the top 50 most visited.

Aside from Disney, Florida features the excellent weather and reasonable proximity to many major cities in both North America and Europe. Golfing holidays hold strong appeal and the relaxed yet sophisticated cosmopolitan city atmosphere, surrounded by appealing beaches, continue to entice a large sector of the world’s tourist market.

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